Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ultra Modern Bathroom

Luxury Ultra Modern Bathroom with beautiful lighting

Amazing Ultra Modern Bathroom

This theme is ideal for those who are fascinated with all types of gadgets and are a fogey James Bond fans. Although the theme is quite expensive, yet it can fulfill the inner wish of stepping in the shoes of agent 007. Purchase a bathtub that has many temperature control units, and is enable enough to know the right level of water to be filled in. A wide range of smart toilets are available in the market to choose from. These toilets can automatically lift their lid when the user comes near, close the seat after usage, and also clean themselves. Apart from these bathroom decorating themes, you can also use your imagination to create your own design themes to make your bathroom both exciting and appealing.

Romantic Ultra Modern Bathroom design

Ultra Modern Bathroom Furniture Designs Inspired by Tron

Simple Ultra Modern Bathroom design but looks elegant

Cool Ultra Modern Bathroom with black color and classic design

Elegant Ultra Modern Bathroom

The latest design Sci-Fi ultra modern bathroom oval spaceship design ideas looks elegant and luxurious. This picture is out-of-space design with future modern elegant bathroom decor ideas. This luxury bathroom design ideas equipped with cool emits blue light spot on the ceiling and beautiful bathroom furniture sets decoration. Beautiful looks for luxury elegant home design. This best picture gallery ultra modern bathroom oval spaceship design can be your guide in your bathroom remodeling.

Beautiful Ultra Modern Bathroom design

Elegant Ultra Modern Bathroom with beautiful lighting

Italian bathroom brand Fir Italia introduces a new way to shower with these ultra modern bathroom ideas. This shower system incorporates light, color and water to stimulate the muscles and the imagination. These cool bathroom designs feature a mix-and-match collection of bathrooms suites – contemporary white vanities and countertops complemented by illuminated mirrors, ceiling lights and rain-shower panels – how luxurious! Available in three square sizes (500mm, 700 and 1,100 mm) and in a range of colors, you can set the tone for how you want to wake up or wind down.